Marine: Boat lifelines, rigs, cables and custom fabrication

Our marine products are a winning combination of safety, strength and style – all with an uncompromising super yacht-standard finish.

Out on the deep blue ocean, a high-quality product that you can rely on is more than just a consumer preference, it ensures your ongoing personal safety so you can continue to enjoy the adventure for years to come. Consequently, when it comes to lifelines, cordage, and custom marine fabrication, we use materials that live up to our expectation of strength and reliability.

With over 20 years’ experience on vessels between 6ft and 200ft, we can offer guidance and services no matter the vessel or its condition. We specialise in:

  • Rig checks and reports
  • In berth standing rigging repairs or replacement
  • Running rigging supply/splicing / chafe covers
  • In-berth lifeline replacement


Lifelines on a boat form your safety perimeter and keeping your lifelines well maintained can literally mean the difference between life and death. Strength and durability are paramount when it comes to lifelines, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style.

SRS Group create lifelines with flair that boast a high tensile strength and require low maintenance. We believe our lifelines, constructed with marine grade 316 stainless steel, are the best in the business.

Plus with our mobile rigging workshop we can create, maintain, repair and replace most lifelines onsite anywhere – marinas, dry stacks, at your home – you name it!

Cable manufacture and cordage splicing

In addition to lifelines, SRS Group manufacture a range of general marine cables, from mobile cables with 2.5 – 8mm swaging capacity, right up to offshore cabling with an impressive swaging capacity up to 40mm.

We also provide cordage splicing options to meet the requirements for a wide variety of marine craft, whether it’s traditional three-strand style rope right through to modern manmade fibres.
We can supply lines in a variety of materials including:

  • spectra (dyneema)
  • vectran
  • kevlar
  • polyamides
  • polyester
  • dacron
  • braid on braid
  • double braid
  • king braid
  • covered/uncovered dyneema
  • UV treated dyneema
  • traditional hemp style lines

Working on your own boat build, repair or need a unique replacement part?

SRS Group are known for our ability to provide, tough, hard wearing, customised fabrication for the marine environment. Our expert marine fabricator has spent over two decades providing fabrication for a wide variety of customers, from some of the biggest names in New Zealand leisure boats, through to custom fabrication for superyachts.  When it comes to the ocean, experience counts. We know which products and techniques will best fare against the elements, and what materials our customer can rely on. Today, we put our experience to work for our clients, with each delivered to a supreme ‘superyacht’ standard.

Using our CAD expertise we’ll develop a 3D design to your custom specifications. Next we’ll fabricate it in-house, and our team will carry out the installation to ensure it performs exactly the way it should.

In addition to general marine fabrications, we provide design, fabrication and install, and undertake repairs, maintenance and modifications on the following:

  • bow rails
  • hand rails
  • ladders
  • soft and hard top frames
  • radar arches
  • rod holders
  • sun shade structures
  • rocket launchers (also known as rod racks or fishing rod holders)
  • water and fuel tanks
  • brackets, anchors, fittings & fixtures
  • bait stations and boards

The right materials for the job.

In order to guarantee the strength of every job we complete, we're pretty selective when it comes to the right materials. That's why we prefer to use materials like 316 marine grade stainless steel. Whether the project is at sea, at home, or at the office, 316 provides a long lasting, low maintenance, non-corrosive solution, which works for everyone – people, animals and plants alike!


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