Benefits of green screens and walls

There are a number of benefits of green wall and screen foliage systems which extend far beyond their obvious visual impact. Here are our top 5:


1. Improved air quality:
Whether indoor or out, the plants and foliage used in green screens and green walls act as a natural air filtration system. They collect pollutants and dust and in return release oxygen into the environment. Studies have shown that this enriched air quality can boost employee well being and production within an office environment.

2. Savings on your power bill:
Plants cool the air in the warmer months and act as insulation, which keeps the heat in during cooler months. This helps reduce air conditioning energy consumption all year round!

3. Acoustics:
A lesser-known benefit of adding nature’s insulation to your walls is the reduction in noise pollution. Green screens and walls reduce noise levels by reflecting and absorbing sound. The reduction is proportional to the number of plants used, so green walls with a dense use of plants and foliage can offer significant improvements to sound quality.

4. Protection for building facades:
Over the years, building facades are exposed to any number of harsh weather and environmental conditions such as rain and UV radiation which damage the structure and as a result require ongoing maintenance to keep them looking their best. Green walls offer protection against the elements, which can extend the exterior’s lifetime. They also reduce exterior maintenance requirements, and provide a welcome relief in urban settings where they act as a deterrent for graffiti.

5. Increase property value:
A unique, modern feature, such as green screen or green wall can provide a significant point of difference when it comes to selling a property. In addition to the visual appeal, buyers will appreciate the anticipation of cost savings in power bills and facade maintenance as well as better air quality and a quieter environment.


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