Green buildings

Like all revolutionary ideas with roots, they grow exponentially. As is the case with green buildings. Beyond walls and alcoves, a trend is growing around the world to add foliage such as small plants, shrubs, and even trees, to the exterior surfaces of a towering building, along with innovative use made of high rise roof tops. Green buildings deliver the same benefits of green screens and walls, yet multiply their impact significantly. The more foliage and vegetation utilised, the greater the positive benefit to people and the environment.

Additionally, on a global level, the concept of using a building’s roof to grow plants for a wide range of purposes is spreading. ‘Green roofs’ have been created to provide additional public spaces such as playgrounds, and have even been used to grow food for community garden projects. The concept also reaps its rewards for more than simply children and foodies. Green buildings on a whole, increase the biodiversity of urban environments – welcome news to regional birds and insects who continue to lose ground to commercial and residential development.

Here at SRS Group, we are chomping at the bit to get involved in a green building project here in New Zealand or afar. If this is a dream you also share, then talk to us first about how we can bring this vision to life together.

Did you know?!

Going beyond green buildings, sustainable thinkers have now devised vertical ‘green forests.’ The first was completed in Milan in 2014 as a project for metropolitan reforestation – (a sustainable residential building). The Nanjing Towers in China planned for completion in 2018, with more planned in Switzerland.

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