Green Screens

Green Screens are typically used to increase the visual impact of a façade or to hide the less desirable appearance of substrate. Green screens are created through the installation of a lightweight, non-corrosive structure, designed for creepers and climbing plants to ascend.  When used indoors, green screens can be installed simply to create a striking visual feature, or to partition off areas, creating smaller, more intimate spaces and increased privacy.

Green screens usually do not offer as much coverage as green walls do. They are designed to allow a glimpse of the substrate behind, however how much, or how little you choose to see can be cultivated depending on what type of screen you choose.

We specialise in two types of screens: stainless tensile mesh systems and vertical wire systems. Both are visually appealing, long-lasting and can be used for small to large-scale façade coverage. Both systems can also be combined with planter boxes and troughs for an enhanced visual appeal.

What is a green screen?

A green screen is typically a trellis. The word trellis is derived from the French word ‘Trelliage’, which was typically a wooden structure made from overlapping crisscrossed wooden stakes or batons inside a frame to support growing vines.

So is a trellis a lattice?

No, a lattice is the horizontal plane, once vertical and used for supporting plant growth the structure is known as a trellis.

Does SRS Group build wooden trellises?

No, we specialise in using non corrosive metal to create our support systems. Predominately, we use marine grade 316 stainless steel, as this form of steel provides the best properties for exteriors due to its resistance to corrosion and therefore its inherent, lengthy life span. Not to mention it looks fantastic!

Do you offer any other materials other than stainless?

Absolutely, we can provide a combination of aluminium planter boxes with aluminium frames, galvanised mild steel form work, and a variety of mesh solutions.

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