5 benefits of a living wall

May 30, 2019    |    Foliage

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One of the more recent architectural trends is the advent of the Living Wall, also known as the vertical garden and green wall. Examples of this you’ll now see regularly on buildings and homes throughout the country. There are many reasons for this from the ecological to the visual with some great benefits to boast. To prove the point we thought we’d point out the best 5 benefits of a Living Wall to hopefully inspire you to get one created yourself!

1. Improve Air Quality

One of the most obvious benefits that people are aware of with regards to living walls is the improvement in air quality for those in and around them. As we all know, living plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen which in essence purifies the air around you. This is an increasingly important fact as issues around air pollution are becoming a growing concern especially in the bigger cities in which we live. This reason alone justifies investing in one which is why many have done so all around the world.

2. Natural Sound Proofing

Not only do living walls have a positive effect on air pollution but they also have a great impact on noise pollution. The natural living wall acts as a sound barrier that reflects incoming sounds in different directions nullifying its effect. This is not only effectively used on exterior walls of buildings (near motorways and busy city streets) but on wall mounted interior green walls too for fast-paced offices. Many people find it out as an unexpected bonus after installation but now you know beforehand!

3. Improve Wellbeing and Productivity

An additional benefit that partly comes from decreasing air pollution and noise pollution within any environment is the improvement in wellbeing and productivity. There are endless studies that have shown this but it almost doesn’t need proof as a fact of general knowledge. A healthy environment (or work environment more specifically) is conducive to healthier and happier staff that have more energy and are more productive.

4. Protects Buildings

Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a living wall. Buildings that have urban gardens on their exterior walls are also protected from the natural elements of wind, rain and sunlight to name a few. Any business owner will know that the cost of building maintenance and repair from the day-to-day extremities of weather can quickly add up and be a burden over time. A living wall helps mitigate and the slow down the ageing process of your building and also makes it look better too!

5. Encourages Biodiversity

Living walls don’t get their names by accident. They are called what they are because they are natural mini-ecosystems. One of the principle reasons for their creation and invention in the first place was to encourage biodiversity. This is especially important in environments, like big cities, where natural biodiversity struggles. One of the most notable recent examples are the recently completed Supertrees in Singapore in a space that covers 250 acres. The movement has also taken hold in major cities in Europe too like London, Paris and Milan with returning insects and birdlife the result.

Fantastic benefits for a better world

As you can see, there are some great benefits to living walls which can be clearly seen as the way to a cleaner, greener and more sustainable future.