Advancing Environmental Sustainability

At SRS Group, we are working to embed environmental sustainability throughout our products, services, operations, and culture to drive efficiencies and responsible resource use while creating comfortable, safe, and healthy workplaces for our stakeholders.

We believe that climate change continues to be one of the most urgent environmental and social issues of our time, and we are working across our value chain to help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and reduce the impacts of climate change on our business, communities, employees, and customers.

Our commitment to the future: Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to minimise negative impacts and maximise value across our operations here in New Zealand to contribute to a better society.

Advance sustainably is a strategic priority for our company. We believe we can accelerate value creation by answering society’s increasing demand for sustainable solutions, which will benefit both our company, our stakeholders and communities throughout New Zealand.

Sustainable resources

At SRS Group, we are committed to using sustainable materials wherever possible. Our metal fabrication process involves the use of sustainable materials including stainless steel and aluminium.

One of the most overlooked characteristics of stainless steel products is environmental sustainability. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet. According to the Steel Recycling Institute, one ton of recycled steel saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone.

To understand what makes stainless steel such a sustainable material, it’s important to learn what stainless steel is composed of.

There are many different grades and finishes of stainless steel engineered for a wide variety of applications, however, there are a few elements that can be found in all forms of stainless steel. Among these are iron, nickel, molybdenum, and chromium, which is what gives stainless steel its signature shiny finish.

When stainless steel is recycled and melted down, these valuable alloys can be extracted and reused with no degradation in performance from product to product. In fact, most stainless steel is manufactured using previously recycled materials.

Just like stainless steel, aluminium is one of the easiest and most recycled products on the planet. Recycling aluminium uses only around 5% of the energy and emissions needed to make it from the raw material bauxite. The metal can be recycled time and time again without loss of properties, so getting the aluminium recycling habit is one of the best things we can do for the environment.

Aluminium is the most cost-effective material to recycle, because of the huge energy savings – up to 95%.

Going green

One area of our business that continues to grow is our green wall solutions. From vertical gardens to floating gardens, indoor screens to green columns, we work with businesses throughout New Zealand to create greener spaces and improve the sustainability of commercial and residential buildings and properties throughout New Zealand.

Green wall solutions provide a wide range of benefits when it comes to long-term sustainability. From purifying the air to reducing the ambient temperature to increasing biodiversity – companies throughout New Zealand are choosing to add green wall solutions to their properties as a commitment to sustainability and we are delighted to be able to supply an end-to-end solution – no matter the space.

Working with our strategic partners, we share a vision to deliver green projects throughout New Zealand and we deliver every aspect of a green wall or foliage project. This can include design, manufacturing of all components, fabrication of planter boxes, support wires or mesh, planting, irrigation, installation and maintenance with our partners. The rigging for your green wall solution can also be manufactured in-house, using sustainable materials such as stainless steel, adding to the overall sustainability of your green wall project.

Read more about our green wall solutions and discover all the sustainable benefits of going green.