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Vertical Gardens

A vertical garden is a type of green wall and involves growing an array of plants on a vertical panel attached to a host wall or upright frame. Vertical gardens are part of the green wall family and go by a number of names including living walls, bio-walls and breathable walls because they provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to looking at solid walls which incorporate living plants. Vertical gardens have a dramatic visual effect and when designed using ecologically sustainable principles, continually provide a huge range of community, environmental and financial benefits.

Vertical gardens or living walls?

Vertical gardens are part of the green wall family and go by a number of names including living walls, bio-walls and breathable walls. The reason for this is that vertical gardens provide an alternative to looking at solid walls and incorporate living plants.

SRS is New Zealand’s only certified PS3 green wall installer.

Vertical gardening systems

Installing a vertical garden requires a considerable amount of planning and understanding of how plants will behave on the intended host wall. From design to construction, your vertical garden needs to be planned out to meet the needs of the building and meet the needs of what the garden requires to be ecologically sustainable.

There are many key components of a vertical garden system that require experience and expertise to ensure they all work together so the garden thrives for the natural life span of the plants being used. At SRS we call this ecological sustainability and it is our main focus for all garden design, supply and maintenance programmes that we provide.

SRS Group is the only company in NZ able to offer a full turnkey solution from design through to delivery and on-going maintenance of vertical gardens. This includes, design development, engineering sign off, provision of architectural mesh and rigging, manufacture of all fabricated components, supply and installation of the complete automated, hydroponic, vertical garden system and full maintenance programmes with in-house, rope access trained horticulturists.

Vertical garden interior

Exterior Vertical Gardens

Exterior vertical gardens provide a more “liveable” outdoor space near the building. Using a vertical garden on the exterior of commercial or residential buildings often makes that building far more distinguishable and memorable. But beyond the aesthetics, a vertical garden also offers a vast range of benefits that include reduced, reflective heat and light and reduced echo or noise. For example, an exterior vertical our team has previously been involved in installing, actually cools the air that is feeding the air-conditioner system of a large office, thus reducing the overall energy cost to run a building.

All gardens require services to enable the garden to be sustained and our experienced team can provide assistance in what is required in all aspects of designing and delivering a vertical garden.

Vertical Garden Ideas

Indoor Vertical Gardens

There are many rooms where indoor vertical gardens can transform the space from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Having a wall of healthy plants purifying the air by reducing CO2, VOC’s and enriching O2 has natural health benefits to the occupants both physically and psychologically.

The striking aesthetic also iconises the space and makes it instantly recognisable as a meeting place or an ideal reflective space.

Being indoors, the environment for the plants is now artificial with reduced seasonal changes, therefore growing lights become necessary to sustain the plants. Matching the lighting design to the plant design is critical for ecological sustainability. This is where SRS’s experienced team can save you money and deliver a vertical garden better than your expectations.

Vertical garden exterior

Vertical Garden Ideas and Solutions

Vertical gardens of all shapes and sizes – including columns, curves and 3D shapes – are possible. Suspended, floor-mounted, or your typical wall mounted gardens are available with many lighting features to create a memorable and show-stopping installation. Our Green Wall team has over 200 installations under their belt across both Australia and New Zealand. That experience and expertise is vital when designing and providing vertical gardens on a commercial scale. 

If you are considering a vertical garden for your building get in touch today and find out how SRS can help. As New Zealand’s only end to end supplier of green wall solutions including vertical gardens, we have years of experience in planning and delivering green walls to suit all buildings.

* Some of the images provided on this page have been supplied by our partner, Fytogreen.
** Most images shown are past projects where we have installed green facade supports systems using our tensile mesh or wire products – the foliage planting has not been undertaken by SRS Group but managed by a number of different local suppliers

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