Balustrades and handrails that bring your staircase design to life

Bespoke balustrade solutions for residential and commercial projects

Found lining many staircases, decks and terraces, a balustrade is, in its simplest form, a row of small columns topped by a rail. The rail along the top edge being referred to as a handrail. Balustrades can be created in a variety of shapes and materials, from simple to elaborate, for both decorative and practical purposes. Whilst they have a very obvious and practical function – even though an evolution of staircase design – balustrades have always posed a great opportunity to become the feature of any room or space they occupy.

Our specialty is creating unique, stylish and functional balustrades and barriers for apartment blocks, carparks and commercial buildings, whether you are renovating existing structures or planning a new build.

In New Zealand, council requires balustrades to pass a code of compliance if the fall from height is over 1 metre high. Subsequently, we work alongside our clients to meet the regulations for balustrades, whether they are retrofitting existing residential deck balustrade and handrail, or wishing to renovate a non-code compliant balustrade to meet current legislation. At SRS Group, we offer a variety of solutions to meet your budget and expectations.

Please see our gallery for examples of previous balustrading projects.

Commercial Balustrades

We excel at creating staircase designs that impress and produce a number of balustrade types:

  • Commercial balustrade systems
  • Vertical wire infill balustrades
  • Mesh infill balustrades
  • Custom stainless or galvanised steel balustrades
  • Timber balustrades with wire infill

SRS Group offers custom-designed balustrade fabrication in a number of materials, from tough, hard-wearing, low maintenance galvanised steel, popular for large commercial projects, through to sophisticated and sleek stainless steel, popular for high spec, architecturally-designed productions.

We have also created timber balustrades and decking by working in partnership with a local, experienced builder.

For the ultimate effect, balustrades can even be powder coated for a coloured finish and even teamed with LED lighting for added impact.

When you are in the initial phases or your staircase design, speak to us first to discuss how we can bring your stairway areas to life through the use of not only balustrades but complimented through the use of foliage or even by hanging installations from above using our cables and rods and much more.

Residential Balustrades

We believe in offering complete packages for a range of balustrade systems at cost effective prices. Our services include:

  • Custom designs, drawings, and systems
  • Producer statements – PS1 through to PS4. SRS are producer statement authors
  • Custom fabrication of stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminium balustrades
  • Huge variety in material supply from leading marine and commercial manufacturers of stainless fittings and fixtures
  • Custom decking and timber balustrades, working alongside an expert builder
  • Full onsite installation services from rigging professionals

Balustrade infills

Do you need have an existing handrail, but need a solution for an infil to complete your staircase design? We are experiencing exponential demand for balustrade designs that complement unique modern architecture. At SRS we work predominantly with two types of balustrade infills – tensile mesh and wire – which are both created from 316 marine grade stainless steel and have seen climbing demand due to the cost effective, attractive and low maintenance nature of the material.

Wire infills use cables that offers a contemporary look that is view-friendly and maintenance free. Our tensile mesh lends itself to a number of environments, but is particularly striking where it is used to complement an overall industrial design theme. Tensile mesh can take a project to the next level with its unique ability to be created in almost any colour imaginable.

The right materials for the job.

In order to guarantee the strength of every job we complete, we're pretty selective when it comes to the right materials. That's why we prefer to use materials like 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel for wire infilled balustrades on both residential and commercial projects. Whether the project is at sea, at home, or at the office, 316 provides a long lasting, low maintenance, non-corrosive solution, which works for everyone - people, animals and plants alike!

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