Barrowcliffe Bridge Project

Barrowcliffe Bridge

About the project

Client: Auckland System Management – ASM Joint Venture – HEB, Fulton Hogan and Waka Kotahi

Materials used: 

  • Galvanised mild steel uprights/support structure
  • Carl Stahl X-Tend CXE mesh 2.0 x 40mm aperture framed in galvanised 40NB steel pipe
  • Brushed 316 stainless steel pipe Handrail
  • Laser-cut Maori motif ‘pikorua’ into 316 stainless steel handrail bracket.

Summary: Worked with WSP – Bridge Design Engineers & ASM during the concept phase to create developed design for modular anti-throw screen barriers and anti-debris screens, additionally the internal pedestrian handrail.

Timeframe: March-June 2021 – navigating multiple motorway closures and night work

Project Overview

The Barrowcliffe Bridge project is part of the wider Barrowcliffe Place project, creating a better walking a cycling route and connecting Wiri with the heart of Manukau.

The bridge is a waka-inspired tribute to the rich whakapapa and connectedness of the area. The inside of the bridge represents the carved interior of a waka while the lights are its hoe (paddles).

The project is the result of a collaboration between Eke Panuku and mana whenua with input via advisors from Te Akitai Waiohua, Ngati Tamaoho, and Ngaati Whanaunga, and support from Waka Kotahi.

New safety features include a separated cycleway, wider footpaths and anti-throw screens.

SRS was responsible for the installation of anti-throw screens using Carl Stahl XTend Mesh with a laser-cut handrail, uprights, and galvanised rail. Learn more about our custom fabrication services.

Client Testimonial

I had the opportunity to work with the SRS Group NZ Ltd on two different jobs, such as the SH16 Waima-Haslett Footbridge handrail extension project and the SH20 Barrowcliffe Road Bridge Anti-Throw Screen installation project.

At both jobs, we have worked together from the design stage all the way to the on-site finishing touches. During these works, I was able to observe a high-level proficiency about the details and the quality of the finished product was excellent. Working nighttime, within a traffic closure on the motorway network is always challenging and the team handled it very well.

I am looking forward to working again with the team in the future and can confidently recommend the services of the SRS Group NZ Ltd to anyone.

Arpad Vamosi

Delivery Project Manager, Waka Kotahi - NZ Transport Agency

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