SRS Group is known for an extensive knowledge of providing unique rigging solutions to our customers in New Zealand and overseas.

Our riggers have over 25 years of rigging experience within the marine and architectural sectors. As a group, they’ve spent over half their lives engineering and running superyachts and other sailing systems across the globe. This experience has allowed us to build knowledge of the best, high-quality materials and systems on the market. All of these can be tailored to suit your job and budget.

SRS Group’s services have expanded to include work with large architectural and construction firms delivering architectural rigging services across New Zealand. This has led to successful relationships with companies such as Alaska Interiors, Kalmar Construction, Culhams Engineering, NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) and Ronstan.

Architectural Rigging Services

SRS Group is proudly New Zealand’s first, and only, specialised architectural rigging service. We provide a variety of rigging solutions for the construction industry and residential clients and are happy to take on any challenge no matter how big or small. We specialise in the following areas:

Mobile Rigging Services

Efficiency in rigging is paramount. When we are efficient it saves us and our customers, time and money.

This is why we offer a mobile rigging service that allows us to bring the workshop to your site and to the heart of any installation with the ability to create cables on the spot to exact measurement. Other benefits include:

  • Speeding up the project – no travelling between the site and the workshop
  • Limiting material wastage because we can make to size on site
  • Design changes can be made at the last minute

Our mobile rigging workshops are self-sufficient, and ‘on-the-go,’ which means that geographical distance is no barrier to any job. We have designed, fabricated and installed projects throughout New Zealand, with the capacity to go even further.

Cable manufacture, swaging and splicing

Cable manufacture:  Need a cable? We can make it! We can provide any length of wire cable to suit your needs.

Swaging: We are so passionate about rigging that we have imported an A400 Swager from Australia. This machine is one of a kind in New Zealand and allows us to offer up to 32mm swaging. Our riggers are highly trained and qualified for all jobs. They’re also trained in multiple site safety courses and height advanced courses.

Mobile swaging capacity 2.5mm – 32mm

Splicing: Splicing is the forming of a joint between two ropes, or two parts of the same rope. This is done by interweaving their strands to form a stopper, a loop, or a joining of two ropes together.

SRS Group has the capacity for rope splicing of any kind. Whether it’s traditional three-strand style rope, right through to modern manmade fibres, we can find the right solution for you. We also offer tensile synthetic cables, cordage supply and traditional rope balustrades and can supply lines in a huge variety of materials including:

  • spectra (dyneema)
  • vectran
  • kevlar
  • polyamides
  • polyester
  • dacron
  • braid on braid
  • double braid
  • king braid
  • covered/uncovered dyneema
  • UV treated dyneema
  • traditional hemp style lines

Our Rigging Projects

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