Rope Architectural Design

Jul 18, 2018    |    Architecture

Traditionally rope has been used to pull, tie, tug, lift, carry and to secured items. When you think about the endless options of knots you can create, it’s no surprise to see that rope has been utilised in many other ways.

Rope has transformed into much more than its simplistic use – It is forever growing as a favoured material within the architectural world. Rope is being utilized within interior and exterior design, as you will see in our featured images. Rope within its form is easily manipulated to suit any area and shape – whether you want a tight tensioned look or a soft curved shape to suit your area. The soft, natural look of rope allows you to separate spaces without closing them off, which is always a pro within social spaces.

SRS group’s history within the marine industry has gifted our riggers with a skill set that is much suited to these architectural designs using rope. This design trend is forever growing overseas and we think it would suit New Zealand’s beach going attitude to well.














Photography, The Terminus Hotel. Lauren Bamford                          Photography, Yellow Earth, Nic Granleese

Photography, Designpinn