Maximising visual effect with coloured mesh

Apr 26, 2018    |    Tensile mesh

When it comes to our products and service, we want to be able to offer our clients the most current market looks. This week’s inspiration for SRS Group is all about the mesh!

Tensile mesh is a highly versatile product, which is used across all services at SRS Group. We love the timeless, edgy looks that this product can create. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, is it known for being strong, durable and effective within the industry.

The first inspiration concept features stainless steel tube framework, which has been powder coated in a retro blue and pink, then filled in with white mesh. We love the pops of colour in this design. At SRS we can offer metals to be powder coated in any Dulux range – with an offering of over 900 colours, we are sure to find one that suits your vision. Imagine this retro, funky look to awaken your office meeting space, kitchen or as partitions around employees workspaces.

Our second image (below) features a large scale stainless steel frame-work powder coated white, matched with a white mesh infill. This large scale design is sure to create a statement within your office or retail area.

If minimalist design appeals more, then this all-black powder coated flat bar balustrade in the third image (below), might just grab your attention. This was infilled using a black mesh. This balustrade is really similar to one we created one in Auckland’s historic Mason Brothers Building – seen up close in the fourth image.

Tensile mesh and colour are really a match made in architectural heaven.