Cable manufacture and Cordage Splicing

Cable manufacture

Need a cable? We can make it. We can provide any length of wire cable to suit your needs with a swaging capability of up to 40mm.

Our mobile rigging workshop brings our shop floor right to the heart of any job installation. Delivering the ultimate in efficiency, our mobile workshop allows us to create cables up to 10mm, for your site, onsite.

Our capacity specifications:

  • Mobile swaging capacity 2.5mm – 10mm
  • Prior notice swaging capacity 8mm – 16mm
  • Offshore swaging capacity Up to 40mm

Cordage splicing – traditional and modern

Splicing is the forming of a joint between two ropes or two parts of the same rope by interweaving their strands to form a stopper, a loop, or joining two ropes together. SRS Group has the capacity for rope splicing of any kind, particularly for the marine market, whether it’s traditional three-strand style rope, right through to modern manmade fibres.

We offer tensile synthetic cables, cordage supply and traditional rope balustrades and can supply lines in a huge variety of materials including:

spectra (dyneema)

  • vectran
  • kevlar
  • polyamides
  • polyester
  • dacron
  • braid on braid
  • double braid
  • king braid
  • covered/uncovered dyneema
  • UV treated dyneema
  • traditional hemp style lines


Cable Manufacture

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