Suspension cables and tension rods

SRS Group supply, and are expert installers of all manner of tension rods and suspension cables.

Tension rods, also known as tie rods, tie bars and tension bars, are used across a variety of building and construction projects within homes, but also on a much grander scale such as airports, schools, shopping centres, commercial and civic buildings. Tension rods can be used for a large variety of reasons and purposes including wind bracing, façade structural support (particularly with glass i.e. atriums), bridges to name just a few.

These hard-wearing and sleek rods are used in conjunction with other componentry, including suspension cables to suspend structures including glass canopies (pictured), lighting features and even artwork installations from roofs and walls.

We are supplied a large variety of tension, dynamic and suspension componentry and have the capacity to install it all for you. Whatever your requirements, speak to us first so we can guide you through the best design and componentry to achieve your desired result.


Our tension rods have a wide range of applications. Our team of expert installers will come to your property, commercial or domestic and asses the best tension rod or suspension cable based on the requirements.

We’ve worked on a wide range of projects, both interior and exterior from suspended structures above entranceways to bespoke art projects to outdoor lighting solutions.

If you want to create an impact, talk to the experts at SRS Group and we can talk you through your options when it comes to the application and installation of tension rods and suspension cables.

Tapuwae – Northcote Bridges Project

SRS Group were delighted to be involved in the Northcote safe cycle route project that was completed in mid-2021. The project has created a safe, 5.5km route for pedestrians and cyclists along Northcote Road, Lake Road, and Queen Street on the North Shore. Read more.

Tapuwae Northcote Bridges Custom Cables

Tapuwae Northcote Bridges

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The right materials for the job.

In order to guarantee the strength of every job we complete, we're pretty selective when it comes to the right materials. That's why we prefer to use materials like 316 marine grade stainless steel. Whether the project is at sea, at home, or at the office, 316 provides a long lasting, low maintenance, non-corrosive solution, which works for everyone - people, animals and plants alike!

Our tensile mesh, used for safety netting, balustrade infills, and for green screen support systems is custom manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel.

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