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SRS is New Zealand’s only end-to-end supplier of Green Wall solutions – from vertical gardens and green facades to stacked wall planters, arbours and planter boxes. Our turnkey approach means we can deliver every aspect of a green wall or foliage project, including design, manufacturing of all components, planting, irrigation, installation and maintaining. This means you only have to deal with one supplier, making it much easier to manage your project and keep costs down.

We work with strategic partners and in collaboration with architects and suppliers to deliver green wall solutions alongside our in-house design team.

SRS combines a passion for creating impactful spaces through the use of foliage, with an unwavering commitment to ecological sustainability. Our speciality is creating large statement foliage pieces for commercial or residential structures – in fact, green walls were the driving force behind the creation of SRS Group.

Whether internal or external, show us an under-utilised space and we will bring it to life, quite literally, with the use of foliage. Our enthusiasm for living foliage structures is two-pronged. They are the perfect mix of aesthetics and urban sustainability: delivering an edgy, on-trend yet soft design feature while offering proven environmental benefits for both people and Mother Nature.

SRS is New Zealand’s only certified PS3 green wall installer.

What are Green Walls?

Green walls encompass a wide range of indoor and outdoor green solutions on vertical structures, including vertical gardens, green facades, stacked plant walls, arbours and planter boxes with trailing or climbing plants.

Creating a successful green wall solution requires the right design, plant selection and support system. Only when green walls are designed and maintained to be ecologically sustainable will they provide the most benefits to a building and its occupants.

Arbours and Green Columns


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Green Facades


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Vertical Garden


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Commercial Planter Boxes


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Benefits of Green Walls

The benefits of installing green wall solutions are numerous and include environmental, community and financial advantages.

Benefits include:

Purifies the air

The plants in any of our green wall solutions will help to filter particulate matter, such as dust, pollen, soot and smoke, from the air and convert CO2 to oxygen. Whether it’s an internal or external solution, a green wall will contribute to the purification of the air and improve air quality in and around your building.

Reduces ambient noise outside and inside

The insulating properties provided by green wall solutions also act as a sound barrier for your building, or for a specific space within a building. Externally, a green wall can absorb up to 40% more sound than a bare facade, helping to reduce the noise both inside and outside of your property.

Increases productivity

It’s proven that plants have a positive effect on people, so using a green wall solution in or on your building can really help boost productivity and employee satisfaction. Green walls can also help to reduce stress and improve overall staff well-being. A green space is a happy space!

Creates a more social working environment

Roof gardens or large planter boxes can help to foster a sense of community in the workplace. Employees will often take an active interest in the plants and flowers growing in these spaces, and roof gardens tend to become social spaces to spend lunch and break times.

Reduces the ambient temperature 

Plants absorb sunlight and this helps in two ways. In the summer, it creates a cooler and more pleasant climate as 50% of sunlight is absorbed and 30% reflected. In the winter, a green wall acts as an extra layer of insulation for a building or a specific room within a building, helping to retain the heat. All of this leads to reduced energy bills and a reduction in air conditioning and heating costs.


Reduces the number of sick days

Greenery promotes a healthy indoor climate, and spaces with a green wall solution see fewer complaints such as headaches, irritated or dry eyes, sore throats and tiredness. This can help to significantly reduce the number of staff absences through sick leave.

Increases biodiversity

In cities and urban spaces where concrete and asphalt have taken over, a green wall can help bring back the sense of a greener environment. Green walls also attract wildlife to areas where they were previously unable to thrive, including insects, butterflies, bees and birds, which helps to improve the overall biodiversity of the area.

Our Process

1. Design Solutions

At SRS Group, our full turnkey solution includes the design of any green wall space – from small interior green screens to 10 storey-high living walls. Our design covers not only the physical structure, but the services required to sustain the plants, the selection of plants, and how they are arranged in order to thrive for their natural life-span. We’ll work with you to understand your expectations and come up with a design solution that will see you enjoying the benefits of a garden on your building well into the future.

We also work with strategic partners including architects and suppliers in order to deliver high quality green wall solutions.

SRS Green Wall Design and Build

2. Design and Build

What makes SRS different from other green wall companies is our ability to deliver every stage of a project, including design and build. We specialise in the use of architectural support solutions for green walls – stainless steel tensile mesh and cables for vertical rigging – but we also offer a complimentary full fabrication workshop onsite. Our fabrication team expertly craft bespoke fixtures and fittings required for green walls, their attachment systems, catch trays and planter boxes. Our collaborative approach means we’re able to provide every element of a green wall system in-house – saving you money, time and the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers.

3. Choosing your plants

With over 15 years’ experience, our foliage team has delivered more than 200 thriving gardens on iconic buildings in both New Zealand and Australia. This expertise allows us to offer advice and assistance throughout the process, from design development to final delivery.

Our trained botanist will help you select the best plants for your project, matching plant options to the known growing environment of every garden type on a building. With a focus on providing ecologically sustainable gardens, our preference is to use native plants where possible.

SRS Green Walls Choosing your plants

4. Maintenance of your Green Wall

SRS Group also provides full maintenance programmes on an annual contract basis, so you can ensure your green wall or garden is always thriving.

* Some of the images provided on this page have been supplied by our partner, Fytogreen.
** Most images shown are past projects where we have installed green facade supports systems using our tensile mesh or wire products – the foliage planting has not been undertaken by SRS Group but managed by a number of different local suppliers

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Our green wall projects

We have worked on a wide range of green wall projects, from planter boxes to green facades. Check out two of our recent green wall projects below.

59 France Apartments Planter Boxes

59 France Apartments

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Silo Park Tanks Green Facade

Silo Park

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Here at SRS, we are one of the only companies here in New Zealand to offer a full turnkey service when it comes to green walls. From designing and manufacturing all components right through to planting, irrigation, installation and maintaining, we’ve got a green wall solution to meet your needs. Talk to the team today.