We have been involved in a number of playground projects that utilise tensile mesh to ensure the safety of our Kiwi kids. With its view-friendly design, it means parents and caregivers can see what their children are up to at all times.

Playground Safety

Keeping our kids safe in and around playgrounds and play equipment is an important part of what we do at SRS. With the rise in the number of playground-related injuries, it’s important that play areas have the relevant safety netting in place to prevent accidents before they happen.

Play structures have been getting bigger and better over the past 20 years and with this has come additional safety concerns. Climbing equipment and slides have got higher and the risk of a child falling has increased significantly.

We work with playground equipment companies in order to ensure the best possible levels of safety around their equipment. Our tensile mesh safety nets, with their view-friendly design, allow for proper adult supervision at all times, no matter what piece of equipment is installed.

The increased use of safety netting, as well as the improvements in playground surfaces, has helped to reduce the number of accidents in outdoor play areas significantly and SRS is glad to be playing their part.

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