Whether a residential or commercial project, SRS Group have a number of products in our architectural range that can be incorporated with new build projects or existing infrastructures.

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architectural mesh projects

Tensile Mesh

Tensile mesh is a highly versatile product which is commonly used for pedestrian barriers, enclosures, playgrounds and balustrade infills. Meshing provides a timeless design for projects where safety and unobstructed views are paramount.

catenary lighting festoon lighting

Catenary Lighting

Add magic and wonder to streetscapes, festivals and events. Transform any large outdoor space with the help of lighting installations made from only the highest quality, unobtrusive stainless steel cables and fixtures

Tension rods and suspension cables

Tension rods and suspension cables

For hanging and holding the heaviest and most awkward materials, our tensile rods and suspension cables prove time and time again that they are the best for the job.

Partitions and dividers

Partitions and dividers

Used indoor or externally, our partition’s and dividers can help transform underutilised indoor areas or unsightly facades.

The right materials for the job.

In order to guarantee the strength of every job we complete, we're pretty selective when it comes to the right materials. That's why we prefer to use materials like 316 marine grade stainless steel. Whether the project is at sea, at home, or at the office, 316 provides a long lasting, low maintenance, non-corrosive solution, which works for everyone - people, animals and plants alike!


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