59 France Apartments

About the project

59 France Apartments are described as ‘creative, premium, luxury living’. The brainchild of the multi-award-winning combination of local developers, Urban Collective, and Paul Brown Architects, this stunning project was completed in September 2020. The vision was concentrated on the modern individual and every effort made to deliver liveable spaces, crafted with enduring materials and stylish finishings. That vision clearly extends through to the external spaces, including the communal courtyard designed by Land Lab.

SRS Group was contracted by Contrax Greenscapes to fabricate the extensive weaving corten planter box system, pre-designed by their team for this courtyard area. The finished green space, defined by our planter boxes, offers a stunning area that invites social interaction between residents or provides a quiet, contemplative space for occupants.

Images courtesy of Contrax Greenscapes.