Silo Park Tanks – Green Facade

Silo Park Green Facade ASB

About the project

In December 2020, SRS Group was engaged to install green facades around the base of two Silo Park tanks in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour.

Stage One of this project required us to work with the project engineers to design, and manufacture bespoke stand-off fittings and attach tensile mesh screens to the tanks, utilising the custom fittings all to the unique curvature of the silo tanks.

SRS Group’s robust design solution offered this project quality 316 Stainless Steel rigging hardware from our architectural rigging partners Ronstan and stainless steel X-TEND mesh from Carl Stahl. Following the mesh installation by our architectural rigging team, SRS Group planted the climbing foliage vines (tecomanthe species), at the base of the two silo park tanks.

In Stage Two, SRS was contracted to install another seven tanks’ facades with our custom stand-off system and Carl Stahl X-TEND mesh, one of these tanks utilised the mesh as the support system for a spectacular lighting installation.