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Beyond the Railing: Safety Solutions for Bridges

Bridges are not just means of crossing; they are marvels of engineering, symbolising progress, connection, and the overcoming of natural obstacles. However awe-inspiring they may appear, their safety remains a paramount concern, demanding constant innovation and vigilance. Traditional guardrails serve as the basic defence against accidents, but as we venture into a new era of bridge construction, the industry is

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The Future of Metal Fabrication: Automation and Advanced Techniques

The metal fabrication industry is on the cusp of a transformative era. While headlines often focus on robots replacing human workers, the real story is far more nuanced. Automation and advanced techniques are ushering in an age of increased efficiency, unparalleled precision, and exciting design possibilities. At SRS, we're not just keeping pace, we're embracing these advancements to deliver superior

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Stainless Steel Fabrication for a Clean and Green Future

The world is in the midst of an eco-conscious revolution, pushing for sustainable solutions across all industries. One silent hero in this green narrative is stainless steel. Renowned for its durability and stain resistance, stainless steel has silently woven itself into the fabric of a clean, green footprint. From industrial manufacturing to the end product that lines our homes and

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From Concept to Creation: How Sheet Metal Fabrication Brings NZ...

In the heartbeat of New Zealand's manufacturing sector, sheet metal fabrication stands as a quiet powerhouse, transforming raw metals into functional art that underpins numerous industries. This pivotal craft isn't just about shaping metal; it's the very conduit through which imagination becomes tangible, bridging the chasm between concept and creation. Sheet Metal Fabrication: The Unseen Force in Manufacturing At its

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The Future of Design: Stainless Steel Fabrication Revolutionising Industries

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, the future of design is being revolutionised by stainless steel fabrication. This versatile material is not only durable and aesthetically pleasing, but it also boasts a range of properties that make it perfect for a wide array of industries. From architecture to automotive, stainless steel fabrication is transforming the way we think

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Sustainability in Custom Metal Fabrication: Using Recycled Materials and Energy-Efficient...

As the world becomes increasingly conscious of the impact of human activities on the environment, businesses are turning to sustainable practices to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. Custom metal fabrication is no exception, and the industry has made significant strides in recent years towards more sustainable practices. One of the most significant ways in

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The benefits of bespoke metal fabrication

Bespoke metal fabrication refers to the process of creating custom-made metal components or structures according to specific design and functionality requirements. At SRS, we are one of New Zealand’s most trusted high-end metal fabricators and most of the work we carry out is on bespoke metal fabrication projects all across the country. At SRS, we always work with a range

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Use of marine-grade materials in architectural projects

Here in New Zealand, we are extremely lucky to have around 15,000 km of coastline. Even at its widest part, that means you are never more than 225 kms from the coast, no matter where you find yourself in the country. That means that marine-grade materials are an extremely popular choice in architectural projects throughout New Zealand. For most of

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The benefits of catenary lighting

The benefits of catenary lighting are wide-ranging, and they are becoming a more common feature of new developments as well as city centre redevelopments. Architects, developers, and design engineers are being placed under increasing pressures brought about by the growth in urbanization around the world. Traditional street lighting is not only limiting in its ability to light a space, but

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7 Benefits of Stainless Steel

As specialists in fabrication, architectural rigging, cable manufacturing and more we’ve worked with a wide range of materials in residential, commercial and industrial projects. One of our most commonly used materials across all these contexts is stainless steel. Its many unique properties combined, make it an ideal solution for many applications and we thought we’d explore all the different benefits

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How strong is spliced rope?

You may have come across the term “splicing”, particularly if you work in the marine sector. Splicing is a term used to describe the joining together of two ends of a rope without using a knot. This is achieved by interweaving their strands to form a loop or stopper, or to join two ropes together. At SRS Group, we have

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Why stainless steel fabrication is important

Stainless steel fabrication plays an important role in nearly all sectors of industry today. From skyscrapers to shopping malls to home renovation projects, stainless steel plays an essential role as it can be fabricated into any desired shape or design depending on the application. Stainless steel is an ideal material for structural fabrication. It is both extremely flexible, but also

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