Architecturally Designed Home – Bronze Balustrade – Waiheke Island

Bronze Balustrade Project - Waiheke Island

About the project


Curved terrace and pool deck bronze balustrades with gates.

Fabrication Details

Solid bronze rod (18mm & 22mm), 220 x 12mm bronze fixing plate and bespoke fastenings.

To achieve this elegant, unique and eye-catching balustrade, our highly experienced fabrication team fabricated and installed this full-length curved balustrade to the highest quality on both the terrace and around the pool. The addition of our custom bronze heated towel rails inside cohesively linked the interior design with the bronze exterior balustrade and overall landscaping in this beautiful part of the world.

SRS’s skilled team machined all 18mm vertical rods in-house for a spigot connection system and welded them to the curved 22mm horizontal bronze rod handrail with specialised imported welding wire.

The 220 x 12mm thick bronze fixing plate attached the balustrade to the concrete substrate, incorporating the waterproofing membrane into the design meant cantilevering the fixing plate which required precision workmanship and custom bronze plated fixings. The bright bronze has aged beautifully to the red/browns expected of bronze alloy.

Duration: December 2020 – April 2021

Client: Private Residential

Architect: Stevens Lawson Architects Ltd

Client Testimonial

“I engaged SRS Group’s fabrication team in 2020 for the fabrication of my architecturally designed Waiheke homes’ custom bronze terrace balustrade and pool fencing which included gates and complex curves using this ancient alloy. I subsequently increased their scope to include 39 internal heated towel rails also in bronze. I have enjoyed seeing the organic ageing of this metal and the change from bright bronze to a natural oxidised warm brown. 

SRS displayed their expertise and professionalism with their problem-solving, technical advice, and the resulting finished product quality was beyond my expectations. I found the team at SRS worked collaboratively with the other build teams and specialist contractors involved in my home’s build and were timely with their work and punctual to the site. I would wholeheartedly recommend SRS for their fabrication service at a high-end residential level, and as such, I myself have contracted SRS for another project I am undertaking in 2022. I look forward to working with them again and being able to enjoy their workmanship once more.”