How do green walls work and why you should invest in one for your business?

Feb 12, 2019    |    Foliage

Vertical garden on side of a building

Whether a living wall is placed internally or externally it starts to produce a positive impact on its environment.


At SRS we are advocates for business to consider installing a green wall or foliage system into their work place. Living walls are often not talked about in the way they should be. A lot of people get caught up in the aesthetic on a living wall rather than realizing the positive impact it is creating in its new environment.

Installation of a living wall into an environment – The plants and foliage used will start to filtrate the carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, as well as collecting dust, improving the air quality. The higher rate of oxygen being produced into your work environment will not only benefit the health on your workers, but you will see a higher rate of productivity. Increased oxygen to the brain will help your staff to feel more alert and concentrated, which we all know we could use every now and then.

Running a business can be expensive, power bills can reach tremendous amounts on money. Which is why we know business owners appreciate any savings they can get. Having a living system installed allows plants in the warmer months to act as insultation equaling your environment to be warmer in the cooler months. This will reduce the energy consumption into heating your workplace environment, ultimately leading to a lower power bill!

Of course, we will have to mention the aesthetic appeal on living walls. Living walls and foliage systems add a unique and modern feature to an area and have been growing in popularity and demand. It is believed to increase your property value due to buyers appreciating this unique and attractive feature, buyers will further appreciate the cost savings you receive in power bills and the improved air quality with a foliage system in place.

Green Walls produce more benefits than discussed above, however we believe these are some of the key facts you should know, if you wish to find out more benefits – don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to answer your questions.

Pictured is the Loop Building in Sydney. This vertical garden was installed by our Australian partner, Fytogreen.