Living Wall Trends for 2021

Jan 14, 2021    |    Green Walls

As we head into 2021, we wanted to take a look at some of the key trends we see emerging in the living wall space in the New Year. Here at SRS, we offer a wide range of green wall solutions to suit all commercial spaces including indoor and outdoor living wall solutions.

Whether you are looking for an exterior vertical garden, an indoor screen, an arbour or green column in a large foyer space, or even a roof garden, we can work with you to help you to understand the best solution for your business.

In terms of trends for 2021, we wanted to not only think about the commercial space, but also domestic properties where living walls may be a great fit when you are short on space.

These are three of the biggest trends we expect to see in terms of living walls in 2021:

1.      Exterior living walls will continue to grow

Exterior Living Wall in Milan

With more and more people living in urban environments around the world, and even here in New Zealand, people still want to maximise the green space around them. Whether it’s a business covering the entire side of a building, or a residential property maximising the vertical height on either an external wall or even around a balcony, living walls are a great solution. Whilst a living wall will help to bring colour and life to a building, the benefits go far beyond the aesthetics alone.

A vertical garden also offers a vast range of benefits that include reduced, reflective heat and light and reduced echo or noise. A great example from one of our team’s vertical wall installations was a significant reduction in energy costs due to the living wall cooling the air that fed into the air conditioning system.

2.      Living walls to take on a variety of shapes and sizes

Vertical Garden Fytogreen6

Whilst we traditionally think of a living wall as a green wall structure that is attached to the side of a building and is regimental in shape and size, living walls are now been created in all shapes and sizes including columns, curves, and 3D shapes. Living walls are no longer limited to large exterior walls as they have traditionally in the past (although these are still great options for businesses occupying large commercial buildings).

Suspended, floor-mounted, or your typical wall-mounted gardens are available with many lighting features to create a memorable and show-stopping installation. Don’t be limited by the space – with over 200 installations in both Australia and New Zealand, our team has a wealth of experience and creative ideas when it comes to the right living wall for the space you have available. If you want to create something to stand out in 2021, talk to the team today and let us plan and deliver a living wall solution for your business.

3.      Improving the aesthetics

Living Wall Aesthetics Fytogreen

Whilst a living wall offers many benefits to businesses, not least the cost-saving benefits of reduced heating, reduced noise pollution, and supporting a local ecosystem and biodiversity, for many businesses, the aesthetic appeal of a living wall, either internal or external, is often the biggest deciding factor. Internally, a living wall helps to create a strong sense of wellbeing amongst staff as well as providing a natural divide between spaces. Externally, a living wall contributes to an overall sense of ‘green space’ in an otherwise urban environment and green buildings are becoming more popular in cities around the world and we expect this trend to grow in 2021.

Another positive about installing a green facade is they are statistically much less likely to be vandalised with graffiti (or otherwise) than a standard exterior wall. A fantastic preventative measure for maintaining aesthetics too.


As we head into 2021, the demand for living walls will continue to grow. Whether it’s for aesthetics or for cost savings, businesses will continue to invest in living walls, both internally and externally.

Here at SRS, we are one of the only companies here in New Zealand to offer a full turnkey service when it comes to green walls. From designing and manufacturing all components right through to planting, irrigation, installation and maintaining, we’ve got a green wall solution to meet your needs. Talk to the team today.

* All images courtesy of Fytogreen