What is a Green Facadé?

Feb 12, 2020    |    Sample

Photography. Jodie Gallagher.

Wondering what a Green Facadé is? Or just wanting to know more about this foliage system and why it could be the right choice for you? In this blog we aim to educate you more on Green Facadés. 

Green Facades are vines growing up a supporting wire lattice. There are a range of wire lattice options tailored to the building. Some can be simple vertical wires, where others can be a stainless steel mesh with 160mm apertures allowing the vines tendrils to grow up the face of the building.

The process involves our skilled team mounting the mesh or vertical wires 100mm off the walls face to provide room for the vines to grow. SRS Group provides the entire system including the wires, plants, and planter boxes all designed, engineered, installed and maintained by SRS Group. 1 company with total Green Facadé system responsibility.  

Green Facadés cost less per square metre than Vertical gardens but have a different aesthetic and take longer to get to full establishment. Green Facadés improve building aesthetics, improve property value, branding a building, improve marketability of the building and reduce building energy running costs. Green Facadés help reduce CO2 levels and increase O2 levels, reduce thermal reflection, reduce energy running costs of the building, provides sustainable habitats for birds in an urban area. Green Facadés can also stop graffiti, provide more liveable spaces in and around the building and reduce echo. These are a few benefits that make up a Green Facadé.

If a Green Facadé sounds like the right foliage system for you, or if you are after more information,  get in touch with our experienced team.