St Albans Cable Trellis

Dec 03, 2019    |    Architecture , Foliage

Foliage walls come in all shapes and sizes! 

Contracted to Contract Construction in Christchurch, SRS Group sent down our specialist riggers to install a Green Trellis system at St Albans retirement home. 

To create this bespoke foliage wall, SRS used a cable diagrid system with stand-off fittings to attach the system to the exterior of the building. 

A cable diagrid is a framework of diagonally intersected metal cables. This method is used as it creates less need for structural steel or frames. Diagrid systems are becoming popular and seen as one of the most adaptable and innovative ways to create a structure. 

When installing living walls on the exterior of buildings there are many elements to consider, it is not as simple re-creating a visual idea. At SRS we want to replicate your visual idea to the best extent we can but still coming up with a solution that will be long lasting, effective, code complaint and the best solution for all.