Foliage solutions – vertical gardens & living walls

We combine a passion for creating impactful spaces through the use of foliage, with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Our passion, and speciality, is creating major statements using foliage for both commercial and residential structures. A foliage structure is a perfect pairing of design aesthetic with urban sustainability, and a driving force behind the creation of SRS Group. Whether internal or external, show us an under-utilised space and we will dramatically bring it to life, quite literally, with the use of foliage. Our enthusiasm for living foliage structures is two-pronged – it offers an edgy, on-trend yet soft design aesthetic, along with proven environmental benefits for both people and Mother Nature.

We offer two living wall or vertical garden foliage systems – 1) green walls and 2) green screens -which differ through their varying use of suspension mechanics and fullness of the actual greenery. These vertical gardens breathe life – via, plants, leaves, foliage and flowers – into otherwise drab exteriors or surfaces, whether it’s a commercial buildings or a residential space. Nature has provided us with a huge variety of colours, textures, patterns and sizes to work with and this ‘living art’ offers a ‘wow factor’ using innovative structures to extend beyond traditional horizontal planes into the vertical.

SRS Green Screens


Green screens are generally used to increase the visual impact of a facade or to diffuse the substrate behind. To do this we create a system for plants, specifically creepers and climbers, to adhere to with the use of either a tensile mesh or a vertical wire system.

SRS Green Walls


A green wall is being used as the term for a fully planted and self-sufficient vertical garden. Green walls are attached to external walls or building façades, or an internal wall or divider and were masterminded by French botanist Patric Blac in 1986.

SRS create Green Buildings


At SRS Group we are constantly inspired by the innovative green infrastructure that are appearing all over the world. Green buildings deliver the same benefits of green screens and walls, yet multiply their impact significantly.

For many years architects and engineers have been looking at ways to offer more sustainable, building practices, as well as how to reduce the pollutants and waste emitted by their structures. These living walls and buildings offer many benefits, particularly for the environment. By acting as a protective barrier, vertical gardens can have a significant impact on insulation, reducing heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer.
When foliage structures are used indoors, they can also improve indoor air quality with plants absorbing and cleaning harmful pollutants from the air and generating energy-rich oxygen. Beyond the environmental benefits, studies show vertical gardens and living walls provide people with a connection to nature having a relaxing and calming effect on participants, providing just another great reason to ‘go green.’

Leaves of plants can also reduce noise pollution by reflecting, refracting and absorbing acoustic energy in small amounts. When vertical gardens are used internally, (where you likely have a wall of 1000+ plants), the acoustics of a room can be substantially improved, and when used on building facades can help reduce traffic and other urban noise pollution.

SRS Group provides customised vertical garden solutions to create an impact using two differing systems – 1) green walls and 2) green screens. Each of our living wall foliage systems are long-lasting, low-maintenance, highly resilient to seasonal climate changes and use sustainable materials. We always partner with New Zealand experts in plant selection, sourcing and maintenance, and our structures all make use of quality products such as 316 marine grade stainless steel for rods, rigging and fixtures. Talk to us about the foliage system that’s works for your requirements. We’ll work out the right automatic irrigation system and ongoing low-maintenance plan to keep your structure always looking its best.

We have installed foliage systems throughout New Zealand thanks to our mobile rigging workshop. It brings our shop floor right to the heart of any job installation to increase efficiencies which in turn saves you time and money.


Currently foliage support systems for internal and external applications can be split into two distinct categories – green screens and green walls.

For a new build construction project, why not consider a ‘green building’. Green buildings are on the rise in an increasingly sustainability-conscious world. They offer the same benefits from green walls and screens, but are amplified in their impact.

The right materials for the job.

In order to guarantee the strength of every job we complete, we're pretty selective when it comes to the right materials. That's why we prefer to use materials like 316 marine grade stainless steel. Whether the project is at sea, at home, or at the office, 316 provides a long lasting, low maintenance, non-corrosive solution, which works for everyone - people, animals and plants alike!

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