Re-shaping environments through Dividers and Partitions.

Oct 19, 2018    |    Architecture

Partitions and dividers are a non-invasive way to help outline areas or simply to make an area more visually appealing. When people think of partitions and dividers they generally only think of them being used internally in a corporate setting however, partitions and dividers can be used both internally and externally for commercial and residential use. On the exterior of buildings, partitions and dividers act as screens to transform underutilised areas or unsightly facades.

When used indoors, they can bring an area to life through the use of colour and material. Creating a new dimension of space within an area, creating a positive effect on its users. Partitions and dividers can help create organisation and define different areas within a room without it feeling smaller.

Divider DesignIwanotoScott Architecture. San Francisco.

Recently there has been a huge movement toward open planning living and working environments. Open plan environments have been proven to help increase collaboration, relationship building, improved employee health, improvement in interactions, reduced construction costs and flexibility for future planning. These improvements stem from the easiness of being able to turn to a colleague or friend and ask for advice or assistance without having barriers such as knocking on doors or scheduling meetings in. Partitions and dividers compliment open plan spaces by still adding in sections without disrupting the flow of the forward-thinking space. These open plan environments are being pushed within offices, education facilities, workshops and much more – with no surprise. But who says you need to limit open plan design to these spaces, open plan homes are also on the rise due to families wanting to gain or maintain a close connection with their family members.

Exterior partitions and dividers are often used to hide unsightly areas and building facades with custom structures that can act as artworks, signage, shields or even protection – perfect for transforming an outside entertainment area. When we talk about exterior partitions or dividers we are very selective with what we recommend – especially within New Zealand due to our forever changing forecasts. Exterior partitions and dividers need to be able to withstand harsh conditions, which is why with all of our products and systems we only use the highest quality fixtures, fitting and rods, so they can withstand the test of time against the elements.

Foliage PartitionPure Spa. Hiroyuki Oki.

SRS Group specialise in architectural rigging – meaning we can install an array of partitions and divider designs from tensile mesh through to tensile cable designs using a range of specialist tension rods and suspension cables to hang and support the structures. With years of experience under our rigging departments hood, they are itching to create jaw-dropping partitions and dividers. All photos featured in this article are some of our top picks of partition and divider designs. You can visually see how they act as screens to re-create an area.

Divider Design   Divider design


Gabriel Dawe. Coloured Thread.