Outdoor hanging light fixtures – how to make an impact in 2019

Mar 20, 2019    |    Catenary Lighting

There’s no better way to make a statement or create an atmosphere for a living environment than by installing outdoor hanging light fixtures. Many people do this for special occasions (like Christmas/weddings etc) but there’s no reason why it can’t be set as a default arrangement in the outdoor living space of your choosing. To demonstrate the point, we thought we’d talk about a few options you can consider to make an impact in 2019 with your outdoor hanging light fixtures.

Outdoor String Lights

The most common form of outdoor lighting is the use of string lights especially during the festive season or other special occasions. The main advantage of them is that they are cheap, readily available and easy enough to DIY. The challenge is often doing them well and not getting yourself in a tangle which is where professional lighting designers (like ourselves) can come in and guide you through the whole process from concept through to installation. It’s often the difference between creating something that’s eye-catching as opposed to an eyesore.

Outdoor Pendant Lighting

A step up from string lighting (arguably dependent on your own preferences) is the use of outdoor pendant lighting. Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and are a common solution for indoor spaces but are increasingly being found on the front porch or back deck of homes in New Zealand. The benefits, compared to string lights, is that you have a bit more freedom in being more selective with which areas you wish to light and to what extent. This helps you control the nuances of mood, depth and effect to get exactly the precise feel and look you desire.

Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Outdoor hanging lantern lights are a form of pendant lighting but deservedly justify their own section as a way of injecting some real character into your space. As a traditional form of outdoor lighting that has been used for centuries, you’re effectively able to bring a bit of history into your home. In ancient times, the Chinese used to use fireflies to light their lanterns but now of course almost any type of bulb is supported. There’s also an endless number of different designs and decorative styles to choose from which means you’ll easily be able to find one that complements your own tastes.

Outdoor Chandeliers

If you’re wanting to create a real focal point with light then you can’t do better than an Outdoor Chandelier. Like lanterns, they are rich with history and hark back to the medieval era by the extremely wealthy. They’ve since become more accessible and commonplace with no shortage of creative interpretations by those artistically inclined. It’s a great way to make a real statement and is something you can completely design and decorate an outdoor space around.

A few final tips

We hope you’ve enjoyed our quick summary of the different options you can consider for your outdoor hanging light fixtures. Before we sign-off we thought we’d leave you a few final tips to bear in mind before you start your exciting lighting project!

  • Do your research and budget! – Especially important if you’re going to DIY as unexpected costs can easily take you by surprise
  • Health and safety is just as important too – It’s not just about the look
  • Make sure everything measures up – Especially with the Chandeliers
  • How does it look from inside as just as important as out – Important for front porches and the rooms that are closest
  • Have fun!