SRS Group Project Updates

Feb 05, 2019    |    About us

SRS Groups Month 


Offering both Rigging and fabrication services can be require patience and perseverance however, SRS Group has a hard working team who always get the job done. We want to share with you what SRS Group has been busy with and will be keeping us busy over the next month.

Franklin Road Catenary Lighting System

Featured above is Flynn our junior fabricator who has been helping our rigging department with the Catenary Lighting installation over the last few weeks. Flynn is a great asset to SRS, he joined as a rigger and then crossed over into our fabrication department backing him un-stoppable. The Franklin road project has been active since 2017. In 2017 we started working with Opus to fabricated the clamps. The clamps work by connecting the catenary wire to the poles which are fixed to the ground. After fabrication of the clamps we were able to start the installation process in 2019. Stage 2 is being planned to start up in the middle of 2019.

Bespoke Bowrail

SRS Group is known for our background in marine. We have an amazing stainless steel fabricator who has taken our apprentice under his wing to teach him the tricks of trade. SRS sources high 316 grade stainless steel to ensure all your marine projects are durable and finished to a super-yacht standard. Our fabrication guru Steve has been working with customers on there rigs creating incredible bow rails, galleys, rocket launchers and more. The image above features our apprentice Nick installing the a bow rail for one of customers.

SKHY2 Development

The rest of our fabrication team have been busy working away on the SKHY2 development in Auckland. This project required a heavy load of fabrication. We have fabricated 7 levels to date and nearly completed the installation of all levels. Large commercial project can require a lot of team and resources which is why we spread our work load to ensure we have enough resources to meet the needs of not only our commercial customers but also our residential customers.

There is a lot of bespoke fabrication in the pipeline for this both across both commercial and residential jobs. We are excited to begin working on the Northern Club project which our in-house fabrication team will be starting next week. Further SRS groups mild steel team will be starting the Down Town Carpark project in the next coming month.

Our rigging team have been working on exciting projects also. 2 of our riggers have been working hard in the heat installing growing wires down the new southern motorway development, while the rest of our team will be working on facade for the SKHY2 development. Further our rigging department has been award to supply and install safety mesh netting for the new National Hockey Centre in Albany. This will be an exciting project for our rigging team and we look forward to sharing updates of the project with you.