Bespoke Fabrication

Apr 12, 2018    |    Fabrication

At SRS Group we want to make the process easy for you. One of our ways of doing this is by handling the whole project for you- from quotation through to installation. Featured below are a few of the jobs our fabricators have created in house and then installed on site. Fabrication at SRS, has evolved from creating handrails, and planter boxes for green walls, into something vastly different and we are excited with what it is presenting for us. Our fabricators have many years of skilled knowledge and love jobs that get their creative juices flowing and tackle some tricky and unique jobs. Some of our recent projects featured below included feature lighting, fireplaces, textured panels, bath cradles, tables and chairs and even a clock tower.


(Photos: Julia Lochhead Photography)


(Photos: SRS Group NZ)

(photo: SRS Group NZ)