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Southern Corridor Project

Could this be the world’s longest green wall? SRS Group undertakes its first Civil project – Southern Corridor Improvements.

There’s been something exciting brewing at SRS and we are delighted to be able to share it. Today, our riggers have had their first day on site at the Southern Motorway for the Southern Corridor Improvements project. While this is the start of the physical part of the work, its been a long and rewarding slog to get to this point behind the scenes.

The Southern Corridor Improvements project covers the stretch of Southern Motorway (SH1) from Manukau to Papakura. This project includes adding additional lanes in both directions, an upgraded Takanini Interchange and a 4.5km shared use walking and cycleway. See links in the comments below for detailed overviews on the improvements and how you can keep updated.

This project has seen nearly 5km of multi-coloured retaining walls erected alongside the motorways edge. This joint venture between SRS Group and commercial landscape experts, Eden Ltd, will see SRS Group install the diagonal cable foliage support systems the length of these walls which will then become home to thousands of climbing foliage and flowers planted by Eden Ltd – making for a colourful and lively display when in bloom. Together we are proud to be constructing New Zealand’s largest green wall, covering 12,970 square meters.

We are expected to be on site for this project for the next few months and will post further insights about the design and the plants that have been selected and hopefully some cool behind-the-scenes moments.

A number of our followers are Auckland-based. Anyone use this part of the motorway regularly and witnessed the work taking shape so far?

Could this be the worlds longest green wall

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