Wharf Street, Tauranga – Catenary Lighting

Wharf Street, Tauranga - Catenary Lighting Project - copyright Mark Scowen

About the project

SRS Group was delighted to partner with Ronstan Tensile Architecture to install one of New Zealand’s most striking commercial catenary lighting systems. Located just a couple of hours south of Auckland, Tauranga is one of New Zealand’s most popular summer destinations and is located next to summer hot spot, Mount Maunganui.

Tauranga City Council contracted Ronstan, along with architects Isthmus Group and Engineers Tonkin and Taylor to install a commercial catenary lighting system on Wharf Street – a precinct in central Tauranga which was set up to bring people together, creating an improved connection between the coastline and the city centre. Resembling clouds moving from the city to the ocean, the catenary lighting system invites a connection between land and sea in recognition of the city’s historical relationship with the wharf and the harbour’s edge.

Ronstan brought their considerable expertise to the project, developing lighting concepts that would be both visually attractive and structurally sound under various load conditions. You can read more about the construction and materials used on the Ronstan website.

SRS was brought in as a trusted partner to help with installation of the catenary lighting system, bringing our expertise in rigging to help ensure the system was installed safely.

You can read more about Catenary Lighting Systems in a whitepaper by Ronstan entitled “Lighting the urban night“.


Architect: Isthmus Group
Engineer: Tonkin and Taylor with poles and catenary lighting system engineered by Ronstan
Client: Tauranga City Council
Completion date: Early 2021

All images @ Mark Scowen Photography