Creating outside privacy through Foliage systems

Oct 29, 2019    |    Foliage , Sample

Outside entertainment is a fundamental and enjoyable part of summer. When considering how to increase privacy, look for options that allow you to use plant, pergolas, awnings and freestanding walls to screen views and reduce noise. To help get you prepared we are going to touch on how green infrastructures can be used to create privacy and noise reduction. 

Green screens are created through the installation of a lightweight, non-corrosive structure, designed for creepers and climbing plants to ascend. Green screens are originally designed to allow a glimpse of the substrate behind. Green screens are an ideal option when your are wanting to obsruct the view but still allow some visibility. However, all of our green infrastructures can be custom designed to achieve your desired privacy.

SRS Group NZ specialise in two types of green screens: stainless tensile mesh systems and vertical wire systems. Both are visually appealing, long-lasting and can be used for small to large-scale privacy coverage. Both systems can also be combined with planter boxes and troughs for an enhanced visual appeal. 

Photography. ArchDaily

Photography. Gardenites 

For maximum privacy you may want to consider a green wall. A green wall is made up of plants that are inserted into a growing medium – being soil or hydroponic – where they grow from within the wall. This differs to screens which grow/climb up from soil in a planter box at the base of the structure.

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To achieve a Ecologically Sustainable green wall, it requires the right system that will outlast the plants lifespan. Correct and experienced installation can help you from having to continuously invest in your green wall. Which is why we recommended speaking to our knowledgeable staff members to ensure you select the best foliage structure for you.