Does Catenary Lighting save you money in the long run?

Mar 12, 2020    |    Catenary Lighting

Catenary lighting is a growing choice for Architects when it comes to creating ambience within a space. SRS Group NZ works with lighting designers to help create beautiful spaces. 

When presented with an array of design options it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. We have decided to focus on the cost of Catenary Lighting and how it could save you money in the long run. 

Catenary lighting maximises energy and maintenance savings, with its performing symmetrical lighting. Catenary Lighting can minimise your energy consumption compared to the conventional lighting options, by reducing the light spill, resulting in less energy being used. 

Catenary lighting can use a combination of LED, CFL or other lighting options, making it possible to achieve high energy savings. The luminance options for catenary lighting allow the public lighting requirements to be upheld in railways, pedestrian streets, roads and more. 

SRS Group NZ focuses on the quality of our Catenary lighting to ensure longevity of our products. By ensuring high quality materials such as 316 Grade Stainless Steel are being used we can ensure your maintenance costs will stay low, saving you money. 

Lastly, Catenary Lighting offers flexibility of design, meaning you can maximise your space, saving you costs. Once it is installed you can sit back and enjoy the striking effect you have created, while resting easy knowing the future cost savings you are in-stall for.

If you are interested to see how Catenary Lighting could help save you money in the long run, or whether you are wanting to re-create your space through lighting design. Contact our friendly team now on (09) 953 0599