In-house Rigging Services

Jan 21, 2019    |    Sample

SRS Group benefitted in multi-ways when we invested in our re-location. One of our major benefits was being able to open a designated area for our rigging department.

By designating a customised area for rigging it allows us to deliver a wide range of rigging services. With our in-house marine rigging division, it allows us to create quick, quality services. Whether you are looking at refreshing your lines or simply looking at modifications.

We offer:

  • Splicing
  • Soft shackles
  • Control lines
  • Endless loops and friction eyes
  • Mooring and finder lines
  • Chafe guards
  • Lifelines
  • Lazy jacks and jack stays
  • Swaging 2.5 – 32mm
  • Rig inspections
  • Cable manufacturing
Not just marine

Being New Zealand’s first, and only specialized architectural rigging service, of course we offer in-house architectural services as well! This is a great service for commercial and residential projects. As we all know things rarely go to plan, with timeframes changing and un-foreseen circumstance our in-house rigging division allows us to keep working on your project even if the site conditions don’t agree. No matter how big or small your idea is our in-house rigging service loves a challenge.

We can offer:

  • Catenary lighting systems
  • Tension rods and suspension cables
  • Tensile mesh net
  • Structural cables
  • Cable manufacturing
  • Splicing
  • Swaging with New Zealand’s only 32mm swager!
  • Wire infill balustrades
  • Partition and dividers
  • Living walls, vertical gardens and support systems.

SRS Group is known for our extensive knowledge of providing unique rigging solutions to our customers – Like everything our workshop is still developing, with exciting plans for rigging we can’t wait to keep you posted for more to come.