In-house Rigging Services

Mar 09, 2022    |    Architecture , Catenary Lighting , Rigging

Back in 2018, SRS Group relocated to Albany – a move that has enabled our business to grow and thrive thanks to the availability of space within the premises. One of the major benefits was being able to open a designated area for our rigging department. Rigging is our core business – it’s where it all began for SRS and with over 25 years of experience in the marine and architectural rigging space, we are one of Auckland’s leading rigging businesses

Since we moved to our new premises, our services have expanded to include work with large architectural and construction firms delivering architectural rigging services across New Zealand.

Designating a customised area for rigging allows us to deliver a wide range of architectural rigging services. Our in-house marine rigging division allows us to create quick, quality services. Whether you are looking at refreshing your lines or simply looking at modifications.

We offer:

  • Splicing
  • Soft shackles
  • Control lines
  • Endless loops and friction eyes
  • Mooring and finder lines
  • Chafe guards
  • Lifelines
  • Lazy jacks and jack stays
  • Swaging 2.5 – 32mm
  • Rig inspections
  • Cable manufacturing
Not just marine

Being New Zealand’s first, and only specialised architectural rigging service, of course, we offer in-house architectural services as well. This is a great service for commercial and residential projects. As we all know things rarely go to plan, with timeframes changing and unforeseen circumstances, our in-house rigging division allows us to keep working on your project even if the site conditions don’t agree. No matter how big or small your idea is our in-house rigging service loves a challenge.

We can offer:

  • Catenary lighting systems
  • Tension rods and suspension cables
  • Tensile mesh net
  • Structural cables
  • Cable manufacturing
  • Splicing
  • Swaging with New Zealand’s only 32mm swager
  • Wire infill balustrades
  • Partition and dividers
  • Living walls, vertical gardens and support systems.

As well as architectural and marine rigging, the team has also been engaged in a number of civil rigging projects with many other projects in the pipeline as well as anti-throw screens with X-Tend mesh, catenary lighting in public spaces, and large cable manufacture.

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