At SRS Group, we have over 25 years’ experience on vessels ranging between 6ft to 200ft. Our riggers have not only spent over half of their lives running superyachts, they have also helped design them – meaning our knowledge in the marine sector second-to-none.


Our experience allows us to offer the best guidance and services for small and large projects. We pride ourselves on upholding high-quality materials to ensure your project has the highest level of safety and superyacht finish.We also use specialised tools like the A400 swager which allows us to be the only ones in New Zealand to swage up to 32mm!

Our riggers have been trained in advanced height and safety courses ensuring paramount safety when climbing up the sail of your vessel.  Our training and experience allows us to offer rigging services in both running and standing rigging.


Lifelines on a boat form your safety perimeter and keeping your lifelines well maintained can literally mean the difference between life and death. Strength and durability are essential when it comes to lifelines, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style.

SRS Group offers running and standing rigging services with a flair that boast a high tensile strength and require low maintenance. We believe our lifelines, constructed with marine grade 316 stainless steel, are the best in the business.

Plus with our mobile rigging workshop we can create, maintain, repair and replace most lifelines onsite anywhere in New Zealand – marinas, dry stacks, at your home – you name it!

Services we offer:

Running Rigging


  • Splicing is a great alternative to knotting rope as it does not affect the capacity the rope can withhold.  With over 20 years in the marine business we can happily offer more than one solution when it comes to splicing.
  • Soft shackles A closable link that can take heavy loads – up to 5 tonnes. Soft shackles can with stand about every other function that a metal shacked can. These links are made up of a fibre strop with an eye splice at one end and a stopper knot at the other – this allows them to create less damage to their surroundings, always a plus if you are using them on your yacht.
  • Control Lines When your control systems work well, it makes sailing a breeze. Let us customize your control lines to suit your preferred way of sailing. We can get a variety of superyacht quality ropes, offering multiple splicing finishes.
  • Endless loops and friction eyes Endless loops are essentially what they are called – a rope spliced into a complete loop. These endless loops are perfect for mast base block tidies, blocks, haulers, preventers and attaching other hardware’s.  It is surprising the uses you can find for an endless loop.
  • Mooring and finder lines Custom made mooring lines are a breeze. It is important that mooring lines are fitted correctly to ensure safety is begin meet when your boat is berthed. SRS Group can offer a variety of solutions to ensure a high standard is met, keeping in mind the best solution for you and your vessel. Having the correct ropes for your boat and crew can mean less chance of damage to your vessel, easier entering and exiting from your boat and less chafing.
  • Chafe guards are essential to an anchor line. By installing a chafe guard, you are minimizing the risk of the anchoring being damaged by surrounding rocks or other risks. Chafe guards can also be used to protect mooring lines when docked – reducing the risk of damage to the boat from being pushed against the dock due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Standing Rigging


  • Lifelines Keeping your lifelines well maintained is a huge health and safety priority. Strength and durability are paramount when it comes to lifelines, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. At SRS we create lifelines with a flair that boast a high tensile strength while requiring low maintenance. In addition, our mobile rigging workshop allows us to create, maintain, repair and replace most lifelines anywhere onsite.
  •  Lazy jacks and Jackstays are a great assistance when furling and reefing sails. Lazy jacks run up through blocks below the top spreaders, then back down the mast to a pair of spinlock cleats. We can offer custom lazy jack systems that best suit your sails.   
  •  Swaging 2.5mm – 30mm SRS has imported an A400 swager from Austrlia. This swager is one of its only kind in New Zealand and allows us to swage up to 32mms! Swaging is an imperial bond between the fitting and wire.  
  • Yacht rig tuning When a season comes to end – it would surprise you the work your rig has undergone. Rig tuning allows you to essential hit the reset button for your sail’s. By getting a rig tune done – you are ensuring maximum potential out of your masts.
  • Cable manufacturing SRS Group can manufacture a range of general marine cables, from mobile cables with 2.5 – 8mm swaging capacity – too offshore cabling with an impressive 32mm capacity out of high grade 316 grade stainless steel.

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