5 Great Examples of wire infill balustrade design

Jan 09, 2020    |    Sample

Wire infills use cables that offer a contemporary look that is view-friendly and maintenance free. SRS uses 316 grade stainless steel wires to create wire infills into interior and exterior balustrades to ensure longevity of the product.

In today’s world we are always looking for new and exciting designs, with our eagerness to find something great we tend to forget about how effective minimalistic design is within a space. One of the many reasons we love creating H-wire, V-wire, vertical or horizontal wire balustrade infills is the minimalistic effect they have on their environment. 

Wire infill balustrades make minimal disruption to your eyesight, which is what makes them great for being able to watch the kids play or not disrupting your scenic balcony view. 

We have decided to share five great examples of how well wire infill balustrades can be executed. 

1. Vertical Stainless Steel wire infill, paired with a timber frame

Wire Infill Balustrade

2. Vertical stair to ceiling wire infill balustrade

Vertical Stair to Ceiling Wire Infill Balustrade

3. Vertical wire infill, with stainless steel frame

Vertical Wire Infill with Stainless Steel Frame 

4. Horizontal wire mesh infill, paired with a black powder coated frame and stainless steel handrail

Wire Mesh Infill Balustrade

5. Complete Stainless Steel vertical wire infill

Stainless Steel Vertical Wire Infill