5 popular mezzanine balustrades in 2019

May 30, 2019    |    Balustrades

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a nice mezzanine space in your house (or workplace) then you’ll have to think about the right balustrades to go with them. There are all sorts of things to take into consideration that you might not ordinarily have realised from the dimensions and materials to cost and design and more. We thought it would be helpful to pick some of the best ideas we’ve seen on Instagram and share them with you to hopefully inspire some ideas for yourself!

1. Steel Industrial

Our first choice is a steel balustrade used in a home setting in the breakout office/studio mezzanine above a living room. Steel balustrades are as strong as they get and are typically good cost-effective options. Although they are perhaps more regularly found in office/industrial type settings, it works well here because of the industrial theme that’s been chosen in the design for the whole space. The horizontal lines match the beams and keep space for airflow, particularly important with a close ceiling above.

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2. Steel and Mesh

This Instagram shows a thoroughfare mezzanine space that leads into a nice breakout play area for the kids (we presume given the generous smattering of toys). The homeowners have gone with a combination mesh and steel balustrade here, the inclusion of mesh most likely done to keep the space safe for the younger children in the house. Some people think mesh blocks out too much light but the holes here are fairly large and the glass flooring also mitigates this effect.

3. Wrought Iron

Another great choice excellently executed is this example is the wrought iron balustrade. Wrought iron balustrades are probably more commonly used in exterior entrances, balconies, foyers and staircases of older buildings. It is a material that’s been around for centuries and is a sturdy reliable choice but one that can be shaped in decorative ways like the case here. There’s a slight premium paid to go with this option but you can achieve some lovely results at the same time.

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4. Rope

We liked this idea as a creative and playful solution in this small mezzanine space used as an extra area for sleeping. It gives a real marine and seafaring like quality to the room and makes for quite an eye-catching statement in what might otherwise be a lost space. Steel and timber to the top would’ve probably made it feel a bit too claustrophobic but the rope definitely lightens the mood. On top of this, it’s a great cost-effective option as well.

5. Living Wall and Wire

Our final choice is an excellent one that looks like it’s been applied in a corporate setting combining wire balustrade with a living wall rail and facade. Numerous studies have shown that living walls have many positive effects in the workplace (wellbeing, health, biodiversity etc) and its combined use here makes sense and looks great as well. It takes a bit more commitment as there’s the ongoing upkeep required (costs might not be as much as you think) but the rewards for doing so are there for all to see. The wire balustrade is a sensible complement too as it keeps the space safe and secure without drawing too much attention on itself, letting the living wall steal the show.