Bespoke Hexagon Light Design

Sep 30, 2019    |    Fabrication

hexagon light shaped lighting features steel lighting featurePhoto: Julia Lochhead Photography

Bespoke stands for an original piece made for a particular client or user and that is exactly what SRS has done for Katie Scott design. Sometimes bespoke designs can appear simple when in-fact they are more complex than they seem. We strive to ensure all jobs are done to the highest standard while upholding the clients brief. An example of this is a hexagon light project SRS Group custom fabricated for Katie Scott Design.

Our clients brief was to create a minimalistic hexagon light to feature inside a residential home. To achieve this brief, SRS had to custom make the profiled extrusion to house the LED strip whilst maintaining the overall size specifications of the design, once the extrusion was custom made we set about welding the hexagon together. To add to this, we made it in two seperate pieces i.e a top and bottom so that the electrician could run his cables internally. We further hid all the fastenings so it looks as though it’s one piece, when in fact it can be maintained if necessary. It was then over to our riggers to set it up on a three point bridle with all cables made to exactly the same length so the light would sit perfectly straight without the use of turnbuckles.

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We take care of the complete process; from developing a design concept utilising the latest in CAD technology, to specialist in-house custom fabrication, to the installation on site.