Which trellis system is best for you?

Sep 24, 2019    |    Foliage

When considering which trellis system is best for you, there are 3 important things to keep in mind.

1) Strength – Is the system strong enough to support the plants you are growing and whether the material needs to be waterproof or not.

2) Feature versus practical – The structure and shape can help define whether or not you want your trellis to simply fit into your desired space or whether you want it to stand out. 

3) The choice of plants – Dependant on what plants you are planning to grow, you may need to invest in a sturdier structure to help support the vines of your climbing plant. 

Once you have decided on these 3 key points we can help find what trellis system is best for you to create your living wall. 

Trellis systems come in many shapes and sizes, these are divided into two main groups. Single Line systems consisting of wires being run horizontally or vertically to support twining pants or scramblers. The second group being crosshatch systems. This is where wires intertwine over each other to allow more support and coverage for scrambling or climbing plants. An easy solution to create this type of system is tensile mesh. 

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