6 of the best playgrounds in Auckland (that are super safe too)!

Sep 17, 2019    |    Architecture , Tensile mesh

Everyone remembers the joy of playground fun from their childhoods and in Auckland, we’re blessed with hundreds of fantastic choices across the city. We’ve been lucky enough to be involved in lots of playground projects, installing tensile mesh and safety netting to keep the little ones from getting themselves in trouble.

As admirers of the super safe and the super fun we thought we’d list the 6 best playgrounds in Auckland that will keep the kids happy and parents relaxed (a combo that isn’t easily achieved!)

1. Western Park

In the trendy hub that is Ponsonby, you’ll find the iconic Western Park which has its own equally iconic playground. It was redeveloped in 2016 and done so in style with some great features. The most standout of these are the slides, the biggest of which is 25 metres making it one of the longest in the city. There are also two smaller slides at the same level for kids to race each other to the bottom. The platforms for both slides are enclosed by tensile mesh making them nice and secure. The playground also has swings, a seesaw, a flying fox, mini ground level trampolines and plenty of green space for additional play areas too. A fantastic first pick.

2. Myers Park


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In the very heart of the CBD, somewhat hidden away is Myers Park with its own little gem of a playground. The whole park is like a green oasis considering how close it is to the heart of the city making it a great space to take the kids if they (and you) need a break from the hustle and bustle. This playground was redeveloped in 2014 and has loads of different playing apparatuses that are very child-friendly. This includes swings, basket swings, slides and some fun insect sculptures too. The playground is also fitted with cushioned rubber matting to break any tumbles along the way.

3. Wynyard Quarter

Staying in the CBD, one of the nicest places to be on a pleasant afternoon has to be Wynyard Quarter which has some fantastic play areas within it to enjoy. The main one is called the Wynyard Quarter playspace that has been designed in a clever way to mimic the seafloor. It has a sandy base (which is always great for kids) and a giant shell and other crustacean-like sculptures to be climbed. Not far from this on Daldy Street, you’ll find two fantastic slides that are 7 metres high and repurposed from old tanks with a wire meshing around it. There’s also a water play area and basketball courts nearby too for slightly bigger kids!

4. Potters Park

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Another awesome park that the kids will love is Potters Park in Balmoral. This is another great example of a recent redevelopment done well in a space that is both child-friendly and fun. It’s a vibrant and colourful play area that’s design was apparently inspired by the game ‘Picks up Sticks’. The main attraction is the tower and slide (with safety tensile mesh of course) that sits on top of a hill that has its own little tunnel beneath it. The playground also has a tyre swing, climbing sticks and a mix of other little obstacles to discover. There are also picnic tables and plenty of grassy spots for you to enjoy your own spread. Oh, there’s also a great splash pad too to keep everyone cool and refreshed.

5. Takapuna Beach Playground

Crossing over the Harbour Bridge to the North Shore we turn to the Takapuna Beach Playground. Aucklanders and their kids love going to the beach and the Takapuna Beach Playground combines our love of the beach and love of playgrounds perfectly. Located just metres away from the beachfront, the playground has a magnificent tower with two levels for kids to get to with a slide from each. It’s fully enclosed with a mix of steel bars, wood and wire mesh making everything safe and secure. There also a great use of spliced rope for a climbing net and an enclosed rope bridge that leads across to the tower too. With swing climbing frames and hammocks, a flying saucer swing and a mini trampoline, there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained for hours. Meanwhile, you can relax and enjoy the picturesque view of the beach and Rangitoto Island in front of you.

6. Tui Glen Reserve

One of the more unique Auckland playgrounds can be found in Henderson as the pleasantly named, Tui Glen Reserve playground. The reserve actually has some important history being the site of New Zealand’s first camping ground. These days, the playground rules the roost with its impressive wooden pyramid-like towers that feature a couple of great slides and enclosed rope bridges that lead from one to the other. The design was inspired by the idea of treetops and this definitely comes through complementing the surrounding natural scenery nicely. There’s a generous covering of bark and sand and a decent number of other breakout play areas to serve a good number of children.
Some great Auckland Playgrounds for some safe fun!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of the best playgrounds in Auckland. We think they’re great and have no doubt they’ll give you and your family a safe and fun day out!