How do Green Walls contribute to Sustainable Architecture?

Sep 11, 2019    |    Architecture , Foliage

Minimising the negative environmental impact of buildings has become a growing focus for Architectural companies. Architects are now considering how to maximise the resources readily available, with the result of not having long term detrimental effects to our environment. 

The philosophy is to warrant the actions taken today, do not have negative consequences for future generations and align with the principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability.

Cities contribute to 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. With 30% being generated from buildings. A study was conducted and found that compared to traditional construction, green buildings could reduce emissions by 34%. 

National Geographic. Green Buildings Could Save Our Cities. 2017 

Green buildings are consistently assisting Architects to achieve sustainable, ecological living design through the ongoing benefits they produce. SRS Group NZ are passionate about helping architects and engineers to achieve sustainable and eco-friendly buildings across New Zealand, through the incorporation of living systems.

Sustainable architecture is being implemented across both residential and commercial projects in New Zealand, whether this consists of a green wall within your family home, small business, facades on commercial buildings or vertical gardens being used internally or externally. SRS Group is New Zealand’s only PS3 author for commercial living walls, making us the preferred contractor for living wall projects within New Zealand. Having plants in and on a building creates outstanding benefits for the building owners, occupants and surrounding community but this occurs only if the garden itself is thriving and is ecologically sustainable. This is the difference SRS group provide to all their gardens on buildings. We ensure all species used are always healthy, thriving and never require frequent replanting. We do this by designing an ecology for the garden on the built structure. Contact SRS Group to ask how?