How Catenary Lighting Can Benefit Your Space

Feb 05, 2020    |    Sample

Catenary Lighting

Catenary lighting systems have a number of benefits to the space they are installed in. Whether you are trying to create ambient lighting, maximise space, increase usage or simply add an element of design, Catenary lighting can recreate a space. 

Lighting design is a large part of creating and setting the tone of a space. Whether you are trying to create a warm, subtle lighting or luminous and bright. Catenary lighting can be installed via poles or attached to a pre-existing building, this allows us to choose the spacing of the light fixings to create a low or direct lighting. 

Further, as catenary lighting can be installed via poles or onto a pre-existing  structure it allows us to create minimal disruption to the environment. This is a huge benefit for smaller spaces or environments where there is a large number of people or objects filling the space. When we think of Catenary lighting we know it will be installed from an overhead perspective, this allows maximum usage of the environment when there is a high volume of foot traffic. Leading to an increase of return for communities and an overall safer environment at night.

Catenary lighting systems are cost effective and efficient. They add another element of design to their environment and are an investment into your community, achieving functionality, creativity and adaptability. 

SRS Group is New Zealand’s first dedicated architectural company. We have installed a number of medium-scale catenary lighting installations around the country. To discuss how to liven up an external space with catenary lighting, call us today.