In-house Rigging Services

Back in 2018, SRS Group relocated to Albany - a move that has enabled our business to grow and thrive thanks to the availability of space within the premises. One of the major benefits was being able to open a designated area for our rigging department. Rigging is our core business - it's where it all began for SRS and

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Are green walls ecologically sustainable?

As the name might suggest, a green wall brings much more than great aesthetics. Green walls can result in many benefits for the environment, and they are ecologically sustainable. Green walls encompass a wide range of indoor and outdoor green solutions on vertical structures, including vertical gardens, green facades, stacked plant walls, roof gardens, arbours, and planter boxes with trailing

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What is the best stainless steel grade for balustrades?

Stainless steel is a great choice for outdoor balustrades and railings of all kinds. Architectural steel has superior strength that guarantees reliable performance and stainless steel is also a material that lends itself to a variety of aesthetic approaches. The main benefits, however, is its durability and corrosion resistance, making it an extremely cost-effective option in the medium and longer-term.

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How long does a living wall last?

Living walls all have a lifespan and it’s important to be realistic about the expectations you have relating to plant life. No matter how much care you take to maintain and care for your living wall, there are very few plants that can survive in a constricted space forever. Most living wall structures feature some sort of container and even

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How strong is spliced rope?

You may have come across the term “splicing”, particularly if you work in the marine sector. Splicing is a term used to describe the joining together of two ends of a rope without using a knot. This is achieved by interweaving their strands to form a loop or stopper, or to join two ropes together. At SRS Group, we have

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Why stainless steel fabrication is important

Stainless steel fabrication plays an important role in nearly all sectors of industry today. From skyscrapers to shopping malls to home renovation projects, stainless steel plays an essential role as it can be fabricated into any desired shape or design depending on the application. Stainless steel is an ideal material for structural fabrication. It is both extremely flexible, but also

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What is metal fabrication? Process and Applications

Metal fabrication is the process of creating an end product from raw metal materials. The process includes cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembly to create the final product. SRS has fast become one of New Zealand’s most trusted high-end metal fabricators, and it’s our end-to-end service that makes us such a great option for all your metal fabrication needs.

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How to bring colour to your garden with a living...

Living walls are one of the hottest gardening trends around the world right now. Not only do they offer a wide range of benefits, but they also help to bring your garden to life, adding colour to dull, plain spaces. As well as being deployed by commercial buildings, both inside and out, there is now a growing trend for people

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How to maintain living walls

Living walls are a great addition to any building, commercial or residential. They come packed with a host of benefits including purifying the air, reducing ambient noise inside and out, increasing productivity and reducing sick days to name just a few. Living walls come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can be constructed to fit a wide range

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CO2 removal by living walls – some key facts

We have talked a lot about the many benefits provided by living walls. From providing insulation to increasing productivity, a living wall, or green wall as they are sometimes referred to, can provide an office or home with a number of benefits which is great for you as a homeowner or a business owner, however, perhaps the greatest benefit of

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