The benefits of catenary lighting

The benefits of catenary lighting are wide-ranging, and they are becoming a more common feature of new developments as well as city centre redevelopments. Architects, developers, and design engineers are being placed under increasing pressures brought about by the growth in urbanization around the world. Traditional street lighting is not only limiting in its ability to light a space, but

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5 benefits of a living wall

One of the more recent architectural trends is the advent of the Living Wall, also known as the vertical garden and green wall. Examples of this you’ll now see regularly on buildings and homes throughout the country. Living walls bring a number of benefits and this is why they are becoming so popular, both on residential and commercial properties throughout

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9 of the best vertical garden ideas

Vertical gardens come in all shapes and sizes. From full external living walls to intricate interior gardens. Here at SRS Group, we are huge advocates for businesses that might be considering the implementation of a vertical garden. We work with businesses looking to add a green wall, either internally or externally. We use a number of solutions in order to

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7 Benefits of Stainless Steel

As specialists in fabrication, architectural rigging, cable manufacturing and more we’ve worked with a wide range of materials in residential, commercial and industrial projects. One of our most commonly used materials across all these contexts is stainless steel. Its many unique properties combined, make it an ideal solution for many applications and we thought we’d explore all the different benefits

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Playground Equipment and Safety Fun Facts

Playgrounds have come a long way over the past 20 years. From the basic set-up that would typically include a seesaw, merry-go-round, a swing set and a slide, today’s modern playgrounds offer everything from climbing walls, to monkey bars to mazes and playhouses. The improvements have undoubtedly helped to keep playgrounds relevant for today’s active kids. Playgrounds are competing with

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In-house Rigging Services

Back in 2018, SRS Group relocated to Albany - a move that has enabled our business to grow and thrive thanks to the availability of space within the premises. One of the major benefits was being able to open a designated area for our rigging department. Rigging is our core business - it's where it all began for SRS and

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Are green walls ecologically sustainable?

As the name might suggest, a green wall brings much more than great aesthetics. Green walls can result in many benefits for the environment, and they are ecologically sustainable. Green walls encompass a wide range of indoor and outdoor green solutions on vertical structures, including vertical gardens, green facades, stacked plant walls, roof gardens, arbours, and planter boxes with trailing

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What is the best stainless steel grade for balustrades?

Stainless steel is a great choice for outdoor balustrades and railings of all kinds. Architectural steel has superior strength that guarantees reliable performance and stainless steel is also a material that lends itself to a variety of aesthetic approaches. The main benefits, however, is its durability and corrosion resistance, making it an extremely cost-effective option in the medium and longer-term.

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How long does a living wall last?

Living walls all have a lifespan and it’s important to be realistic about the expectations you have relating to plant life. No matter how much care you take to maintain and care for your living wall, there are very few plants that can survive in a constricted space forever. Most living wall structures feature some sort of container and even

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How strong is spliced rope?

You may have come across the term “splicing”, particularly if you work in the marine sector. Splicing is a term used to describe the joining together of two ends of a rope without using a knot. This is achieved by interweaving their strands to form a loop or stopper, or to join two ropes together. At SRS Group, we have

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