4 great examples of catenary lighting from around the world

May 02, 2019    |    Catenary Lighting

Catenary Lighting

The definition of catenary lighting is “a curve formed by a wire, rope or chain hanging freely from two points”. Catenary curves are traditionally a U-shape however, in todays modern world we are seeing catenary lighting being used in extraordinary ways. The creativity and benefits of catenary lighting is endless, it is what has inspired us to write a blog featuring 4 of our favourite catenary lighting designs from around the world.

Ronstan. Watergardens Town Centre.

Catenary lighting cables are installed horizontally or vertically across a space to create focused, centre point lighting. We are now seeing catenary lighting design take a turn away from the traditional designs and into more abstract and captivating designs. Above features a catenary light sculpture designed to illuminate the street and create a feature upon entering the Watergardens town centre in Melbourne.

Trendir. Pottery Barn.

This catenary lighting design has strayed away from tensioned cables and uses fabricated rods as the supporting structure. This design captures a bespoke, industrial style which creates a personal, warm and inviting dynamic to this outdoor space which is why it has made it into our favourite designs.

Architectural Lighting. Tavern on the green.

Tavern on the Green, New York was awarded an Architectural Lighting 2015 commendable achievement award for exterior lighting. This hot-spot restaurant has been a famous destination for over 80 years. It underwent a renovation in 2014, restoring it to the “Jewel of Central Park”. This design was centred around captivating a traditional crystal room that overlooked the park. 500 mini chandeliers were suspended below catenary lighting cables to form the silhouette of a circus tent. This extraordinary design creates a sophisticated and vibrant environment.

Catenary lighting is an exciting and creative aspect of any project. When used on a large scale, catenary lighting instalments can create large scale interest points on any property or event. To find out more information on catenary lighting click here.